Sharing Real Stories

The best part of being a filmmaker is being able to tell stories and share them with the world. Vijay’s story starts in 1989 when he first migrated to Australia and it was not long after that he started Drums Café. He tells of his observation of Melbourne’s food scene and how the people’s palette has changed to a desire for worldly meals. This change in food culture is what inspires Vijay to continuously produce his authentic Sri Lankan street food and its tales like this that make me want to continue telling authentic stories.

Upon writing this, the video has only been live for 21 hours but it has more views than the previous 10 videos on the page with no payment behind the post. That’s right all organic. As a storyteller, to me, this is an accomplishment. To have such a story about a migrant doing well with little more than hard work fills me with happiness and to have that shared with over 40,000+ viewers in less than 24 hours is incredible in itself. Not to mention people have not only been liking (and reacting) but they have also been sharing it with their friends – both in the comments and via the share button.

This is a great demonstration that people are wanting to hear and share great stories – especially if there is food involved. Here are some other videos from our Culture Diversity Week vignettes:

If you wish to see more of my work check out my video production site: Not Half Bad Productions and be sure to give What’s On Melbourne’s Facebook page a like as well.

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