The Blog Post About The Importance Of Blogging

Blogging can be a creative outlet for many and a place of deep thought for others. It can be done to build skills or it can be used to show off skills. It can be the start of your career or it can be your full time job. Moreover, with one’s online presence becoming more important in the digital age, blogging is another way to stamp your personal brand. The ease and access of blog sites means that there is very few reasons to not have one. See below a Canva that Adam Brown shared about some of the positives of blogging.

Let me tell you the story of how my friend Liz got her job as a E-Commerce and Social Media Coordinator at House: she made a travel blog (and studied/worked hard). Along the interview process, a discussion on blogging was formed and Liz spoke about her blog that mostly contained lifestyle and travel posts. In the next stage of the process, Liz was asked about her travels to England (found in her blog), which so happened to be where her interviewer was from. Not only had her blog demonstrated competencies for the role but it also allowed her to connect with her interviewer on a personal level.

I recently had lunch with Liz who was telling me about conversation that she had with a friend who is works in a similar position to her. They talked about how important it is to have an online presence especially in any field of digital matters. A blog is great way to create this presence especially for students who are looking for internships in these fields who maybe don’t have any experiences. She told me that there is nothing worse than search for someone and not being able to find any online presence.

Blogs provide another way to communicate and as aforementioned allow you make your personal digital footprint. While there are no official rules to blogging, I believe that every post should serve some sort of purpose and in some way say something about you. For example, my blog has a focus on my personal video work but rather than just posting a video like I would on Facebook or Twitter, my blog allows me to discuss and demonstrate my understandings. My post about my Holey Moley video talks about some of the factors that helped my video succeed and reach over 300K views, my Top 7 Tips for Making Better Videos demonstrates my understandings and knowledge of filmmaking and my post about Videos Falling on Deaf Ear shows the ways that I deal with a common marketing issue.


In my natural habitat

So without even viewing one of my videos you could probably assume that I know a thing or two about video making but you might also assume that I’m resourceful and knowledgable in my field. My blog provides a much more insightful view of who I am then my finished products ever could (but hopefully they can also speak for themselves). But that’s enough about me: what does your blog say about you? Does it show your passions? Does it demonstrate the skills you listed on your resumé? Does it highlight your creativity or your critical thought?

I’ll leave you now with one final thought that I have reiterated in my classes: employers are not going to ask your university for your essays to find out your knowledge or your passions but they will search the internet for you and they will want to find out as much as they can about you. So control the digital conversation about yourself and make your personal stamp be known.

If you still not convinced about the importance of blogging, then you should have a read of Adam Brown’s recent post  and hear from a student talk about how blogging gave him a competitive edge in his field.

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