Boxwars: The Philosophy For All Creatives

In late 2017, I was contacted by Great Big Story to coordinate a Melbourne based production for an upcoming project in their Human Condition series. The brief was to interview Ross Koger, the “Supreme Overlord of Boxwars”, and tell the story of Boxwars: an idea birthed from after a few drinks. The Not Half Bad team were fortunate to have exclusive access to the Boxwars workshop where the team build from scratch their amazing creations. Even cooler yet, was the fact that we were able to film their annual Boxing Day event themed ‘Mission to Mars’.


Photograph by Jacob Connor, December 2017

Boxwars is a collective of people that love to get together, create cardboard and then destroy them in an epic battle.

Ross Koger, “Supreme Overload of Boxwars”, 2017

So what exactly is Boxwars? Well, I’d describe it as the cardboard version of live action role playing (LARPing) but more of a chaotic free for all. However, it is so much more than that. Boxwars is really all about having fun whether if you are making something or watching it get destroyed. Truly, it is something that you need to experience with your own eye so check out the video below:

As you can see, Boxwars may be chaotic during its battles but the real reward comes from the creativity of the participants. The possibilities of their creations are only limited by their imaginations: a 25m aircraft carrier, a monster truck and a train that is able to transport people are just the tip of the iceberg. The ‘Mission to Mars’ event, while the pieces created are smaller scale than the aforementioned, demonstrates the individual’s dedication to their craft. Amongst the space-warriors, spaceships and aliens is creativity that knows no bounds.

It seems like a shame to see such fantastic work get destroyed in a matter of minutes but in the interview with Ross, he spoke about how you can’t grow too attached to your creations. By putting your art on the line for wreckage, it allows for you to let go and to move on to the next creative endeavour.

It’s a philosophy that all creatives can adopt. If we simply hold onto our creations and never move on then how are we to grow? After all it’s not the end product that we learn from but the process. Consequently, we should strive to develop through each project whilst moving on from our past.

Behind The Scenes Photos by Jacob Connor

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